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Classic Ukrainian Flag | Wall Tapestry

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The classic and familiar blue and yellow bi-color national flag of Ukraine. This wall tapestry/flag is made for Ukrainians or supporters of Ukraine. Slava Ukraini. Glory to Ukraine.

About This Wall Tapestry:

This high-quality interior design piece is meant to compliment any home or office with the theme of your choosing. Whether you are working remotely from home or at an office, playing video games or board games, or creating scenes for movies or online streaming videos, this is the perfect set-piece to have if you want to add character and personality to your desired interior aesthetic. Printed, cut and sewn in-house, rest assured that this wall tapestry is one that is built to last.


100% Polyester.

Water and mildew resistant.

Sewn edges.

Thick fabric.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach or dry clean.


104" wide ( 264.16 cm).

88" long (223.52 cm).

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